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Makes me seasick watching it.


Ignore that comment, it was intended for one of the other videos! (oops)

The Liberal Avenger

I saw your starling video that is popular on Google Video at the moment... I wanted to pass this fascinating story along (sorry, no source...):

"Other avian anomalies do not lend themselves so easily to analysis. A man named Nicholas Bourne collected testimonies from eye-witnesses about an incredible "bird war" of the seventeenth century and published a pamphlet entitled The Wonderful Battel of Starelings, Fought at the Citie of Corke, in Ireland, the 12 and 14 of October, 1621. Before the "war" thousands of birds massed for days to the east and west of Cork. At 9:00 AM on October 12, 1621, the fighting began. Bourne reported: "They forthwith at one instant took wing, and so mounting up into the skies, encountered one another with such a terrible shock, as the sound amazed the whole citie . . . Upon this sudden and fierce encounter, there fell down into the citie, and into the rivers, multitudes of starelings, some with wings broken, some with legs and necks broken, some with eyes picked out, some their bills thrust into the breasts and sides of their adversaries."

The battle lasted all day, then, for some reason, the birds regrouped and clashed anew over the Thames estuary, east of London, on the 13th. On October 14, the birds returned to Cork, their bodies hailing down by the score on rooftops and roads. Bourne implies that this "war" was carried out with planning and forethought, just like a human engagement, a belief doubtless shared by his contemporaries. Its true causes will probably remain unknown."

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