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Wonderful video, sorry you had to loose a chicken though! Found you via the list-serv!

matt sharp

This brings a whole new perspective to the idea of bird-feeding. Awesome!



VERY cool! If the gos comes back, let us know and we'll pass the hat for some more chickens...keep the camera rolling! :)




I had a flock of guineas at the summer camp I work for...they were all but 4 eaten. It makes me wonder what got them. it was the beginning of migration they were out.
Thanks for sharing.

Paul Hood

I have a nice very close up photo of a Northern Goshawk here http://www.imagekind.com/Showartwork.aspx?IMID=2f342e38-0674-4195-a9c4-d5d39eb5711d
And by the way, the Scottish Clan Fraser is my clan, we might be distantly related!

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